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Areas of expertise

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can leave us feeling isolated and it also makes it hard to connect with others. You don’t have to figure this out alone.

Eating Disorders

Struggling with disordered eating can be very isolating and difficult to overcome; I specialize in binge-eating & Bulimia Nervosa disorders.

Racism & Oppression

Racism and oppression can have harmful and long-lasting affects on individuals’ mental health and overall wellbeing. I am here to offer support and guidance with navigating these emotions, as well as emotional support for inter-generational trauma.

DBT/Emotional Dysregulation

Emotional dysregulation is characterized by unstable mood, relationships, and behaviors. I practice Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help clients learn concrete skills.

Life Transitions

Changes can feel very overwhelming (even positive change!). Together, we will work on accepting, and incorporating grounding techniques, as well as fresh perspectives to tackle new life situation.

Women’s Issues

We will work together to break through oppressive stereotypes to help you reach self acceptance and personal fulfillment as a woman, because who run the world?

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